What is the number one reason to consider REP's modular storage system versus another brand?

Below we have listed four key areas to consider when comparing modular storage systems: customization, versatility, construction, and ecosystem. Here is how we compare:


Look for storage that you can customize, so you can make it work with your personal setup. Not everyone has a full set of dumbbells (hello, adjustable dumbbell) or 10 med balls, so not every storage system works. Or maybe you want shelves you can attach right to your rack, but you also have a functional trainer attachment. The Modular Storage System allows you to build exactly the solution you need based on your individual needs and equipment.

 When REP designed its Modular Storage System, the first motivation was to create components that give lifters full customizability for storage that is specific to their unique home gym.


Storage that can double up and add more options to your gym is <chef’s kiss.> Pick storage with upright holes that are compatible with attachments, like band pegs or weight horns. The second goal with REP’s Modular Storage System was to design storage in a way to have options that are compatible with current and future attachments.

And look for storage with multi-purpose shelves. For example, REP’s Dumbbell and Kettlebell Shelf if flat and can be used for all kinds of equipment, including balls and small accessories. A versatile unit provides more bang for your buck (and for your space).


Construction refers to things like the thickness of steel, welds, and paint. We use state-of-the-art robotics in our brand-new facility to construct our power racks, including laser cutting, robotic welding, and robotic painting all under one roof. This helps ensure a consistent, high-quality product and sets the standard for precision manufacturing.

We put a lot of demands on your gym storage; it has to be able to hold All of the Heavy Things. A high weight capacity is a must. REP’s updated Modular Storage System is made with ultra robust 3x3” 11-gauge steel. We don’t mess around.


A modular storage system ecosystem is one of the biggest reasons to choose one over another. REP not only offers stand-alone systems but also compatibility with 4000 and 5000 Series racks, rigs, and attachments. It saves major space, while adding a ton more versatility. REP continues to expand the ecosystem with a focus on innovation and value.