Here, you’ll find everything you need to outfit your gym with a power rack. No, really – everything.

Start with the knowledge: an introduction to power racks; a quick, little dictionary of all power rack-related terms; and a look at the various dimensions of REP’s racks so you know what you’re working with.

Then, you’ll find guides through the entire rack creation/purchasing process: a closer look at REP’s online Rack Builder feature; a look at our pre-selected power racks that you can order within a few clicks; and a walk through how to DIY your own custom rack, if you want to build it from the ground up.

Now that you have your rack ordered, find guides on what to do next: how to assemble your rack once you get it; a dive into all the different cable rack attachments for the various racks; and a look at even more, additional rack attachments because we do it big around here. Finally, we’ve compiled two easy comparison guides for you: one that compares all REP’s different racks and another that compares REP’s racks to other racks on the market. We want you to be confident in your choices.

If there’s something not answered here, feel free to reach out to our team and we’d love to help you (and also make our content manager do 200 burpees for missing something! Don’t worry, she loves a challenge).

Time to build your dream power rack! There are three ways to put together a power rack: with the virtual rack builder, pre-selected, or piecemeal. Which option you use depends on you, as it is your rack, your way!

You can use the rack builder for our highest-end racks: the PR-4000, PR-5000, Omni, and Apollo. This allows you to see how your rack will look in real time as you make selections. You can test different color combos, see how various attachments change the aesthetic, and even view the virtual final product in your desired gym space!

The pre-selected racks allow you to build your base rack (to ensure it fits in your space) and choose a pre-selected attachment package. This is for people who feel overwhelmed or confused by the Rack Builder (no judgment here!). There’s a ton of power in simplicity. We offer three pre-selected attachment packages: entry-level, intermediate, and high-end options. Each package builds upon the previous one, offering upgraded or additional attachments.

The piecemeal option is what it sounds like. You can do this for the PR-4000 Power Rack, PR-5000 Power Rack, Omni Rack, and Apollo Half Rack. Pick your rack style and manually add each component to your cart through the individual listings: crossmembers, uprights, logo plate crossmember, and so on. This can be useful if you want to add on to your rack after your initial purchase. It is not exactly the easiest path, but it's another option. For the piecemeal option, make sure you understand all of the necessary components of a rack.

You will select from the preset options for the rest, like the more basic racks in the 1000 Series. These have fewer options, but you can still add on attachments. Our ever-growing attachment ecosystem will allow you to make the rack your own.


Now it’s time to add on your attachments.

Not every attachment works with every rack, and the rack builder takes the work out of it; it’s automatically synced with the attachments that fit your rack, and you just select what you want with one click. If you’re using the rack builder, you must complete step 2 before this step – but the rack builder makes it super easy to add attachments (and see how they’ll look on your rack). Note: Some attachments may not yet be built into the rack builder, so if you don’t see something you want, check the Rack Attachments page to see if it’s there.

If you do this – or if you are building a rack that doesn’t use the rack builder feature – make sure you select attachments that are compatible with your rack. For example, the new Drop-in Dip Attachment only works on 4000 or 5000 Series racks, whereas the Dip Station works on 1000, 4000, and 5000 series racks. Both of these attachments are for doing dips, but they are slightly different. Or if you want to add a lat pulldown cable system, there’s the Lat Pulldown (1000 Series) and the Plate-Loaded Lat Pulldown and Low Row (4000/5000 Series). Some other attachments include: ISO arms, landmine, leg roller, band pegs, belt squat, front foot extension, spotter arms, wall ball target, barbell tube stand, utility horn, dual barbell hanger – and if you add a cable attachment to your rack, there are tons of different handles to connect to that. With the attachments, everything is clearly labeled for rack compatibility. But don’t worry; if you get confused, you can always reach out to customer support for help.

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